Saturday, September 1, 2018

Visualized Audio - MWGIC EP-00073: Bryan Caron - Space Opera Producer For Hire

Show Notes:

Bryan Caron
Midwestern Geek In In Cali host Dan Stafford interviews Temecula, California's on local sci-fi author Bryan Caron:

Join us for insights into the creative process that went into Bryan's books, his background, approach to writing, the work Bryan does for a paycheck, a teaser on Bryan's sixth book currently being written, and a discussion on Star Wars vs. John Carter of Mars.

Books by Bryan Caron:

  1. Year of the Songbird
  2. Jaxxa Rakala - The Search
  3. Memoirs of Keladrayia
  4. In the Light of the Eclipse
  5. The Spirit Of...
  6. Still being written... (Working Title: "Threads...")

Bryan's author landing page:

Bryan Caron books on Amazon:

Bryan on Twitter:

Bryan on Facebook:

Bryan on YouTube:

Phoenix Moirai website:


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