Friday, March 30, 2018

Audio - MWGIC Episode 003: I Got A New Headset, And Welcome To 42 Tardis Way

A brief discussion about my new recording equipment, and why I call my recording studio "42 Tardis Way." Also a little talk about space and tech news, and some plans for the future of the show.
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Happy Vulcan Fingers to you, from the Agent of 42 \\//_   , and thank you for listening!

Listen here:

42 Tardis Way

Plantronics C-320M Headset

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Temporarily Moving To Blogger - Maybe...


I don't think I have the  option here to upload .mp3 files directly...

So this probably won't work as an alternative method for hosting my podcast without quite a bit more work.

Maybe I could store the files on and link them here. My podcast isn't very high-traffic.

It sucks, but I'm too broke right now to pay the hosting fees at Podbean, and I'm I.T. school full-time, and too busy with that to seek alternative funding. Ugh.

At least I'm loving school.

I think I'll do a videocast and see what I can do about fixing the audio pod - at least the existing episodes.

First, however, I need to dress this blog up.

The old link to the Podbean-hosted version of my show is - storing it here, because I may be able to rescue it at some point.