Saturday, June 20, 2020

MWGIC-EP-000111: The Guts Of A PC Part 1

The basics of personal computer architecture broken down and explained in simple terms mot people can easily understand. We'll take a nice long stroll around a PC motherboard and talk about who does what. This will be a two or three part series, expect the next installment next weekend.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

MWGIC Status Update 06/14/2020

Have been battling WiFi connectivity issues on my workhorse Win 10 desktop PC for a couple of months. No wired connection available in my studio space. I've had a long suspicion #WindowsUpdate broke my #WiFi. #Realtek WiFi card. Couldn't even update Win 10.

I broke down and bought a #TPLink dongle this evening. So far WiFi has been stable. Now dealing with a bazillion updates on software & drivers, including Windows. I might be back in production next week. On top of that, I am wrestling with whether to stay a #Vlogger.

Being a one-man show (Really wish I  had a co-host) I'm torn over whether to continue #vlogging on YouTube or go back to #Audio #Podcasting or a mix of both. Not a lot of spare time...but I  think I could pull it off.

At any rate, that's the latest.

Thank you for listening.