Sunday, September 8, 2019

MWGIC-EP-00098: Lightning Wheels And Getting Thirtied

MWGIC-EP-00098 - Lightning Wheels And Getting Thirtied - show notes:

"A truly iconic car gets factory electrification and retrofitting after decades on the road, and if you have one, you can get yours done too! Also, major stories coming out on fighting aging and human lifespan extension, and the possibility of living young for your entire life."

Reference Articles:

Volkswagen Preparing To Take Its Vehicles Electric Fast And Large:

Volkswagen To Begin Factory Electric Retrofit & Restoration of Classic Beetles:

Getting 30'd - Articles About Fighting Aging In Humans, and Stories of Humans Who Beat Aging:

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

MWGIC EP-00097: As The World Trembles - Beach-Ball Theory of Vulcanism & Geological Activity

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Show Notes:

Dan's "Ping-Pong" Theory Circa 2005:

Structure of the Earth:

USGS Earthquake Stats 1990-2019 (Shows a clear increase in activity):

Supervolcanoes That Could Simulate Nuclear Winter:

Vulcanism Statistics - The Jury Is Still Out, But Currently Few Think An Overall Increase Is Occurring:

The bottom line is, these events happen on very large time scales. Logically, I can't see how moving the amount of water around on the Earth's crust that we are is not going to have an impact for centuries to come.


Saturday, June 8, 2019

MWGIC Episode 00094: Contact In The Desert 2019

Show Notes:

Charles McKee (Of Inland Empire Sports & News) together covered Contact In The Desert 2019.

(You can reach out to the CITD Conference Organizers directly via Twitter HERE, & Facebook HERE. Their YouTube channel is located HERE.)

We achieved seven interviews of fascinating guests at the conference, met George Noory (very gracious), saw Erik Von Danniken signing copies of Chariots of the Gods, and several speakers.

Charles got a ton of great still photos, which you can see in the YouTube video.

The setting was beautiful, and we hand a thoroughly enjoyable time. We both hope you will as well watching the video above.

Dan & Charles


Monday, May 27, 2019

MWGIC-EP-00093: Whimsical Instruments -The Coffee Clank

A brief follow-up on the bullet journal, and something I've been thinking about doing for awhile now: my "Whimsical Instruments" segment - I've invented a percussion instrument out of recycled materials that I call the "Coffee Clank." Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

MWGIC_EP-00092: Western Science Center Museum Hemet, CA

Mastodon and mammoth bones, saber-tooth cats, giant sloths, dinosaurs, and when the Inland Empire in So-Cal was an ocean. This is a truly fun video tour of the WSC in Hemet.

Watch on YouTube:

Show Notes:

Western Science Center Website:

Aquatic Center Website: