Sunday, October 21, 2018

Video - MWGIC EP-00077: Wickerd Farms Haunted Pumpkin Patch

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Show Notes:

Charles McKee and I paid an evening visit to Wickerd Farms' haunted pumpkin patch today, and I got in a brief interview with Jack Wickerd. This is a lot of fun for the little ones in a beautiful Southern California setting. Enjoy!

FYI...exclusive to the blog...the ending to the video was entirely accidental. I stumbled on a rock that was very round and almost rolled my ankle. My finger hit the stop button, and there you go. Perfect "Blair witch" ending to our little Halloween video.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Video - MWGIC-EP-00076: Coming Tech Revolution & Great Book Of Blizzard

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Show Notes:

"Windows Update foibles, why your power button looks like binary code, how electronics translate electricity to information,  several tech revolutions happening in the next five years, free poetry chapbook the great book of blizzard"

Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 Version Update:

Windows Update Deletes HP Audio Drivers:

Why Is A power Button Symbol A Zero With A One Stuck In It?:

"For a CMOS gate operating at a power supply voltage of 5 volts, the acceptable input signal voltages range from0 volts to 1.5 volts for a “low” logic state, and 3.5 volts to 5 volts for a “high” logic state."

HIGH = 1 = ON
LOW  = 0 = OFF

Binary 1 = +3.5 - +5 VDC = ON
Binary 0 = 0 VDC - + 1.5 VDC = OFF

000|000|000|000|000|000|000|000 = 0
000|000|000|000|000|000|000|001 = 1 ("One" bit is turned on)
000|000|000|000|000|000|001|000 = 2 ("Two" bit is turned on)
000|000|000|000|000|001|000|000 = 4 ("Four" bit is turned on)
000|000|000|000|001|000|000|001 = 9 ("One" bit + "Eight" bit turned on) (1+8)
000|001|000|000|001|000|000|000 = 72 ("Sixty Four" bit + "Eight" bit turned on)(64+8)

If you were to read the voltages in a memory chip address, there would be a series of 1's & 0's, with the 1's represented by a voltage of +3.5 to +5 volts, and the zeroes represented by a voltage of 0 to + 1.5 Volts. You would need a REALLY tiny voltmeter probe, but that's what would be in the chip.

Ones are ON, zeroes are OFF.

Now look at the symbol on your power button. You have the choice of ON or OFF. One or Zero.

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Constellation For Gigabit Internet:

5G Cellular Coming:

The Great Book Of Blizzard:

Preface to "The Great Book Of Blizzard":

The Poetry that is contained in these pages is the result of a lifetime spent mostly in places with real Winter; The Great Lakes for the most part, yet also the Great Plains, the Rockies of Colorado, and even mid-North Texas and Northern New Mexico.

In the face of Climate Change, I wanted to save and preserve what it was like to live in these places in the era of actual Winters.

Many of these poems are what I like to call “Poetic Memoir,” and are based on real events in my life. Some are simply fantasy based on a lifetime of experience with snow and Winter...real Winters.

Although I have lived in Southern California for four years as of the completion of this compilation in 2018, never forget that I am a native of Wisconsin who spent fifty years in the Midle West of these United States of America. My family still lives there, and lives with snow.

For those of you who find snowy Winters a novelty, or know it not at all, I hope this book can give you a deeper understanding of what it was like.

What so many forget is that almost everything in nature needs a period of rest and renewal before the busy regrowth of Springtime. Even humanity needs – and mostly neglects – quiet time to turn inward, reflect, and recharge.

Thank you for reading.

With love and light,

Daniel A. Stafford

This book donated to Public Domain

Download .PDF e-book for free HERE.