Sunday, March 22, 2020

MWGIC-EP-110: This Virus Isn't In Your PC...Only - Hanging On To Life And Friends In The Era Of COVID-19

Show Notes:

Financial Mess:

Minnesota and Vermont Just Classified Grocery Clerks as Emergency Workers

How the coronavirus pandemic exposed deficiencies in our economy - Video

The economic fallout of coronavirus - Video

White House expresses support for immediate cash payments to Americans as part of coronavirus stimulus package

Federal Reserve cuts rates to zero and launches massive $700 billion quantitative easing program

All Disney Theme Parks, U.S. Universal Studios Closing Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

What History Books Left Out About Depression Era Co-ops

Newsom signs executive order halting foreclosures, utility shutoffs

Tax Day is now July 15. Here’s what that means.

Musk the Virus Skeptic Makes Reluctant Ventilator Offer After GM


Lifestyle Changes That May Stick:

Inside California's Great Lockdown, Glimpse America's Stay-At-Home Future

The drive-in, relic of yesterday, finds itself suited to now

The Tech Headaches of Working From Home and How to Remedy Them

As More People Need To Work From Home, Companies Need To Ask Themselves If Their IT Managers Are Up To The Task

Eating alone, together: Virtual dinner parties are helping people fight isolation


Health Advice:


No Song? 20-Second Count Made Easy

CDC On Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions


Stess Relief:

Musicians At Home; Larkin-Poe To Sheryl Crow & Beyond

'A Kind of Triumph of Spirit': Locked Down Italians Singing From Balconies Inspire Hope Across World

Jokes in the time of coronavirus - Chicago Reader

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