Saturday, February 1, 2020

MWGIC-EP-000104: Electrifying Reading & Cybertrucking

Show Notes:

Cybertrucking Zone:

Elon Musk on Tesla Cybertruck: It’s better than people realize — there’s more to it

Tesla Cybertruck spied filming segment for Jay Leno’s Garage with Elon Musk

Tesla Cybertruck driven by Elon Musk and Jay Leno spotted driving around Los Angeles

Tesla’s Elon Musk greets passerby in Cybertruck as Jay Leno drives down iconic SpaceX street

Electric vehicle maker Rivian: expect prices lower than previously announced

The Hummer is coming back as a 1,000-horsepower electric truck

Hyundai Kona Electric Sets An EV Record You Never Knew Or Probably Even Cared About

Space, The Final Frontier:

Voyager 2’s Science Instruments Are Back On After Tripping Fault Protection Mode

SpaceX successfully launches its fourth batch of internet-beaming Starlink satellites

These are the most detailed photos yet of the far side of the moon

The Technozone:

Researchers In US & China Use Machine Learning To Make Better Solar Panels

Motorola Razr is coming. What you can expect from the first foldable flip phone

Windows 7 should live on as open source, spectacularly optimistic petition demands

Ditch Windows 7 For Ubuntu Linux With This Great Guide

WireGuard VPN protocol will ship with Linux kernel 5.6

Linus Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 5.5 With Better Hardware Support

Atari is opening its own hotels in eight US cities

Electrifying Reads:

What is new for the e-paper and e-reader industry for February?

‘The Open Book’ eReader Is What Open Source Lovers Need Right Now

In U.S., Library Visits Outpaced Trips to Movies in 2019

Dan's Favorite Books *** Pics (In no particular order):

Sooth Your Inner Science Geek:

How to Levitate Objects With Sound (and Break Your Mind)

Lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash


Papyrus greeting card brand to live on after stores close

Live Long, and Sci-Fi:

'Doctor Who' makes history by casting its first black Doctor

Geek's Cafe:

The biology of coffee, one of the world’s most popular drinks


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