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MWGIC EP-00083: Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Midwestern Geek In Cali!

Show Notes:

Christmas Comet 46P On

The Electric Elf: 

'Twas the night before Christmas, 
And all through the house, 
The parents were scrambling, 
Because the twinkle lights were out! 

'Twas the night before Christmas and no one slept a wink, 
Where are those spare Christmas bulbs, 
Oh please help me think, 
Before I call a Christmas shrink! 

'Twas the night before Christmas and I keeled over in bed, 
As my wife and I looked at the clock in dread, 
I set the alarm for six when the clock said four thirty, 
So don't blame Mrs. Claus if Santa is surly! 

The bells just rang without moving the sleigh, 
Oh, my goodness, it's Christmas Day! 

I hopped in my suit and a candle I lit, 
I ran down the stairs and I stared like a twit, 
For just at the tree was an incredible sight, 
There was a Neon Elf with a spare Christmas light! 

Yes, the stockings were twinkling, 
The tree was ablaze with blinking, 
The windows were glowing, 
Outside it was even now snowing! 

I shook and I sputtered, 
I think I must have quite stuttered, 
As I thanked him and all his ilk, 
I even handed over Santa's left over cookies and milk! 

Well, he winked, 
I swear his eyes blinked, 
And quicker than you could say Blitzen, 
Up the chimney that Electric Elf was splittin', 
A whoosh I heard and I saw a cloud of soot, 
The last thing to go was a lighted Kid Nike foot! 

Then I heard giggles from the top of the stairs, 
I hurried and emptied my bag of merchants' wares, 
The tinsel tree was glowing just bright as could be, 
Lit by the now fixed cloured light rotisserie, 
And down the stairs came my little kids, 
When they saw all the lights they quite flipped their lids! 

Soon Mrs. Santa arrived and all was Christmas glee, 
As little Whosits tore paper up under the tree, 
And that's when I thanked my lucky stars, 
Mrs. Santa's from Venus, 
But that Electric Elf left toy light up cars! 


By: Daniel A. Stafford 
(C) 11/16/2001 

Author's Comments: 
I know it's a bit early, but the Muse' gifts 
are given when She's ready, so here we are. 
(PS: The spell checker wanted to replace Blitzen - with "blitzed"!) *LOL* 

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All!


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