Friday, April 27, 2018

Video -MWGIC-EP-00047 - Major Changes To Both Gmail And Ubuntu Linux Now Available

Show Notes:

* The new Gmail has arrived: Expiring messages, smart nudges and more

Gmail improvement ideas

1. Header flag bits for receipts and orders that cause automatic starring & block deletion.

2. "Delete all from sender" (except receipts & orders) email cleanup tool.

3. "Delete Lock" to prevent deletion of a message during email cleanup options.

4. "Block Sender" option to cut down on spam.

5. Multiple addresses for the same account to allow separation of business, personal, special projects or intetests.

6. Google "suggestion box" address accessible only from within Gmail for submitting ideas like this list. Address is invisible and hidden from users, and always defaults to being in the BCC field to prevent spammers from discovering it. Address is receive-only, never sent from.

7. Users are credited publicly for ideas that Google uses, on a permanent basis. 

* Ubuntu Linux - major changes with 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver" Now Available

* Old Town Temecula Community Theater "Legends" Tribute band series is kicking ASS!


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