Monday, April 23, 2018

Video - MWGIC EP-00044: Marvelous Rhinobots And Happy Earthday My Fellow Quantum Fragments Of Existence!

Show Notes:

Happy Earth Day!

Before Avengers: Infinity War, watch every MCU movie and TV show in the perfect order - CNET

The Newest Anti-Poaching Technology? Robotic Rhinos

Google and Carriers Plan to Replace SMS With a New Protocol Called ‘Chat’

AWEA: Okla. wind generating capacity jumped nearly 13% in 2017
Oklahoma was one of four states to source at least 30% of its electricity needs from wind in 2017, during which it increased its installed wind capacity 850 megawatts, or nearly 13%, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Wind Coalition Oklahoma Director Mark Yates touted the state's impressive wind assets and corresponding ability to attract Fortune 500 companies.
The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City) (4/20)  

One of my other long-time blogs is called the Great Lakes Zephyr - Wind Energy & Hydrogen Journal. I've been aggregating renewable energy and environmental stories at that blog since 2002. You can find it here:

Thoughts on the quantum brain by a long-time friend, Eric James:

"Interesting. There's no doubt that the brain/mind is much more than what it appears to be. Things like imagination and inspiration, instincts and reflexes, conscious and subconscious (& unconscious) awareness, etc... Are great mysteries. I'm glad that this is being explored by scientists, but even if they don't have these answers already, would they be willing to share such knowledge with the general public?

I personally would like to know how consciousness is intertwined with life and death.

What level of unconsciousness results in death?


What level of consciousness is needed for life, and subsequently self awareness?

For someone in a coma or vegetative state, can they be reached subconsciously or are they self aware?
Answers that can be unlocked by the scientists research. But again, I don't think they would release this information fully. But I am hopeful." - My response is in the video.

Commentary on the season two premier of Westworld on HBO is in the video.


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