Sunday, April 8, 2018

Audio - Episode 24: Denis Nurmela Mini-Interview: Mind Massage Spa Ribbon Cutting

November 30, 2017
Mini-interview with Denis Nurmela (Our featured guest in episode 15 ) and a few current tech news stories of great interest.
Denis talks about the coolest geek massage spa you'll find in So-Cal. I talk about industrial tech espionage, why you soon may be able to go cellular for everything and REALLY cut the cable cord, and the rise of smart wearables.
This podcast in general will talk about tech, sci-fi, space news, UFO's, unique geek issues, and more. We'll also discuss differences between the West Coast (So-Cal) and the Great Lakes region of the Midwest. The Universe is vast. So will be our discussions.
Thank you for listening, and happy Vulcan fingers //_ to you, from the Agent of 42.

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